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Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration


Similar to mastering, but aimed at bringing low quality, aging, and damaged recordings back to life. Audio restoration attempts to remove noise, pops, and clicks from recordings, and impart a fuller, richer, cleaner sound. 

This is a fantastic service for those looking to transfer an old vinyl collection to cd or mp3 format.

Listen to these samples of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", and Led Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times". In both cases, the un-restored and restored samples are from the same vinyl LP. If you can, listen closely with headphones so you can fully hear the difference.

These clips are untouched. This is how they sound straight from the vinyl. There are obvious clicks, pops, and crackle.
UNRESTORED - Moonlight Sonata

UNRESTORED - Good Times Bad Times

Now, listen to these versions which have been restored here at Red Lines Audio. The clicks, pops, and crackle are undetectable. All that you hear is the music.
RESTORED - Moonlight Sonata

RESTORED - Good Times Bad Times

I can accept the following formats for audio restoration:

· CD

· Cassette tape

· Vinyl LP

· WAV files

· AIFF files

· MP3 files