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Album Review

Gojira - The Way of All Flesh
Prosthetic Records
Produced by Joe Duplantier
Mixed and Mastered by Logan Mader

This is Gojira's fourth studio album. It's certainly one of their finest. The Way of All Flesh is a complex album both musically and thematically. The song structures and rhythms are challenging, in a great way, similar to much of Meshuggah's work. Though I would give the nod to Gojira in terms of melody.

Gojira vocalist, rhythm guitarist and producer Joe Duplantier wears many hats and obviously wears them incredibly well. Christian Andreu handles lead guitar, with Jean-Michel Labadie on bass, and Mario Duplantier crushing the drums.

Gojira made a very wise decision to work with Logan Mader for drum recording as well as mixing and mastering of the album. The Way of All Flesh certainly has a larger and meaner sound than their previous albums. The preceding album, From Mars to Sirius, while certainly heavy as hell, is almost monolithic. Nothing of the sort can be said about The Way of All Flesh. This is a dynamic recording, and the changes in style and tempo are impressive, tasteful and imaginative.

This is such an interesting album to listen to. The guitar work is terrific - fast, intricate, heavy, often unexpected. The lyrics are intelligent and it's quite a job to put together their meaning, which deal with the environment and humanity's place in it, as well as the broader subjects of life and death in general. It's very refreshing to hear extreme metal bands singing about something other than evil.

Gojira is one of the best metal bands out there these days, and it's great to see them stepping up to the plate with this album. The Way of All Flesh should be held in the same high regard as Meshuggah's Catch Thirty Three, ISIS's Oceanic, Mastodon's Leviathan and many others.