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Album Review

The Rosies: The Rosies(ep)
Produced by Steve Goldstein
Engineered by George Marshall, Dorian Wolff, and Evan Scott Smith
Mixed by Jon Castelli
Mastered by Mike Measer at Red Lines Audio

4 out of 5 mics

The Rosies have been around for a very short time, but they're making headway fast. They're gaining a sizeable following in the NYC area. This 5-song EP will certainly help to attract even more fans.

The Rosies are a powerful combination of melodic rock and slightly progressive rock with metal tendencies. Lead singer April Lee brings a unique voice and original style of phrasing to the songs, and is the main melodic force. The foundation on which she rests is all thick, layered, distorted guitar. These songs are driven by the guitar work and by some solid drumming.

The blending of melodic rock with prog-metal isn't new (think of Faith No More, or more recently Coheed & Cambria) but the choice of chord progression, harmonies, melodies, and layering of guitars is what give The Rosies an original sound.

Lead guitarist Steve Goldstein produced the EP, and did a nice job. The sound is thick, but the arrangement of parts is clean and tight, making these songs powerful and efficient. Nothing is overdone. The mix is good, although the bass could have a touch more attack and growl. Vocals sit nicely in the mix, cutting through the wall of guitars.

It'll be interesting to see what The Rosies can put together on a full length album.