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This is a list of what must assuredly be the best metal bands to ever have graced a recording studio. I've limited the list to post-70's heavy metal, or modern metal if you will. Or even if you won't.
Not only have I listed the bands, but also their definitive ear-punishing albums.

17. Kiss It Goodbye (She Loves Me Not)

16. Norma Jean (Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child)

15. Handsome (Handsome)

14. Earth Crisis (Destroy The Machines)

13. Iron Maiden (The Number of the Beast)

12. Korn (Korn)

11. ISIS (Oceanic)

10. Deadguy (Fixation On A Coworker)

9. Mastodon (Leviathan)

8. Early Man (Closing In)

7. Quicksand (Manic Compression)

6. Pantera (Vulgar Display of Power)

5. Metallica (Master of Puppets)

4. Melvins (A Senile Animal)

3. Converge (You Fail Me)

2. TOOL (Lateralus)

1. Faith No More (Angel Dust)