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The Brazilian Funk Experience

The Brazilian Funk Experience
Nascente, Demon Music Group Ltd.
Compiled by DJ Patrick Forge

5 out of 5 mics

Amazingly good compilation of Brazilian funk music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. This is amongst the finest compilation albums I've ever heard. The Brazilian Funk Experience is 20 songs culled from the EMI-Odeon vaults.

I was not a fan of Brazilian music prior to hearing this album. In fact, I knew nothing about it outside of 'Mas Que Nada' and the bossa nova key on my old Casio keyboard. The songs on this album really whipped my head around. You can now find me in the Brazil section at Amoeba Records on a regular basis. Every song contains top-notch performances, instrumentation, and arrangements. The funk comes through strong on this album, as do some incredible vocals.

Unfortunately there are no engineering, production, or mastering credits given in the liner notes. Nevertheless, I want to commend whoever may have been involved. These songs are punchy, warm, clean, and certainly don't sound like they've been gathering dust in a vault for 30 to 40 years.