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Album Review

Squarepusher: Hello Everything
Warp Records
Produced by Tom Jenkinson

3 out 5 mics

Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson) has been producing amazing experimental electronic music for years. He's an extremely talented bass player, certainly among the best of my generation, but unfortunately doesn't receive the proper recognition for it. Most people know Squarepusher for his high-speed cut and paste drums, but aren't aware that Jenkinson plays bass on the majority of his songs. And I'm not talking about programmed synth-bass parts. I'm talking about mind boggling electric and upright bass.

'Hello Everything' is Squarepusher's most recent release. To a large degree it's an amalgamation of the various styles he's been pushing in previous works. Jenkinson combines the funky jazz-bass work of 'Music Is Rotted One Note', and the extreme cut-up drums of 'Go Plastic', with the catchy hooks and melodies of 'Feed Me Weird Things'. It's possibly his most enjoyable creation to date.

While not pushing boundaries with 'Hello Everything' (Jenkinson did nothing BUT push boundaries with every release until 2002's 'Do You Know Squarepusher'), the compositions have matured. Jenkinson pulls from the palate of sounds he's been building since the mid 90's, and expands just slightly this time around. But it's the arrangement of instrumentation and sounds that takes these songs to a more sophisticated level. The album has moments of pure stoned-out jazz, drum n' bass, experimental soundscape, and melodic eletronica. The songs "Bubble Life" and "Welcome to Europe" are the two best songs on the album and show the range of Jenkinson's talent.

Jenkinson's sounds, and the album sonics are both at times icy and warm. The mix and the mastering preserve this icy/warm contrast/union. I was unable to find mixing and mastering credits.