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Quinn Deveaux - Lions On Lakes
2008 Amazilia Records
All songs, words, music by Quinn Deveaux
Produced by Quinn Deveaux, John O'Brien, Connor Morrison
Engineered and Mixed by John O'Brien, Quinn Deveaux, Connor Morrison, and Mike Measer
Mastered by Mike Measer at Red Lines Audio

5 out of 5 people who know anything say this album is REALLY GREAT

I imagine that most people who stumble upon this review will not be expecting the music that is contained on Lions On Lakes. This is not music you hear everyday. This is not music that too many people hear more than a few times in their lives. Quinn Deveaux is keeping real American folk and blues alive. Lions On Lakes is the genuine article. Deveaux certainly adds his personality to it, and in doing so makes it something memorable, original, and extremely enjoyable. But he also nails the essence of American roots music. Music that you would have heard in the late 19th and early 20th century in the deep South. Music that you would have heard in the Midwest and in the Eastern mountains in the 20's and 30's. Music that was embraced nationwide in the 60's.

Lions On Lakes is stripped down to the basics, and for that it is a daring album. Deveaux takes a chance in today's marketplace of auto-tune and tight pants and sunglasses at night. And he nails it with heartfelt songs that span generations.

The production is basic, allowing the simple intent to come through. No bullshit here. It's as though you're sitting in the room with Quinn and he's playing his songs. You don't have to be enraptured by the musician. You just have to be in the room. You can have a drink and a chat with a friend - the music will still touch you. This is old-timey music that is presented in an all-timey way. I was privileged to have been a small part of it .