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Album Review

Priestess - Prior To The Fire
Tee Pee Records
Produced and Engineered by Dave Schiffman
Mixed by Adrian Popvich
Mastered by Ryan Morey
Additional recording by Jon Cranfeld and Brian Kehew

4 out of 5 mics

Prior To The Fire is riff after riff after riff. This is a great album. Not a classic, but just a couple of great songs away from a classic. These Canadian boys tread a fine line between rock and metal and they do it almost perfectly.

The first five songs are killers. One after another, they're dynamic, inventive, at times punishing. Ladykiller, Raccoon Eyes, The Firebird, Murphy's Law, The Gem - a furious quintet of songs.
They falter a bit with Communicating Via Eyes followed by Lunar. But they pick it right up again with It Baffles The Mind, and they don't look back from there.

Priestess has pushed themselves on this album. They don't stick to straight ahead rockers as they did on Hello Master. They explore extended, slightly more complex arrangements.

I have to say, I'm proud of these guys. I first saw them years ago at a little venue in Brooklyn, opening up for Early Man. It's a tough gig to open for Early Man, but they were not phased by it. They kicked ass. And they're kicking a lot more ass these days on the strength of this album.