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Oktava MK-219

3 out of 5 mics

The MK-219 is the first quality microphone I ever purchased. I found it for a great price and picked it up back in '99 or 2000. I've used it on vocals and guitar with great results.

The MK-219 has a decent warmth to it, and is fairly flat in response. The highs are slightly muffled, leading to be a bit dark sounding. I would prefer that it did not have this roll-off in the high-end. I know there are modifications that can be made to it to get a brighter sound. Changing out the capsule and removing the metal mesh filter are two suggested modifications.

This had been my go-to mic for vocals for a number of years, but i decided to listen to a few others and found that I wanted one with a fuller, rounder, and more present sound. I picked up an AKG Perception 220. I still use the Oktava if the vocal calls for a darker sound. But I must say that the AKG is my go-to microphone now.

Here are the specs on the Oktava MK-219. Overall, well worth the money (avg. $300).

- Large diaphragm, fixed pattern cardiod condenser
- 10dB pad
- High pass filter
- Frequency response: 20Hz to 18kHz
- Self-noise: <14 dBa
- Requires 48V phantom power