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Album Review

Laura Tsaggaris: Proof
over time records
Recorded by Ian Schreier at Osceola Studios and by Mike Fisher at Bias Studios
Mixed by Ian Schreier
Produced by Ian Schreier
Mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen

4 out of 5 mics

This is such a surprisingly great album. I say surprisingly because I'm not much of a fan of most singer/songwriter-oriented music. At it's core Proof is a singer/songwriter album, but the way Tsaggaris put these songs together takes them well beyond the confines of that genre. This is an extremely well crafted album of catchy, emotional songs. The arrangements and the musicianship are stellar. The instrumentation was very well chosen for each song.

Tsaggaris has a terrific voice. Her phrasing and delivery are original. She's got a very strong voice but is also able to convey vulnerability. Her lyrics are smart, honest, mature, and succinct.

The recording and mix of the album is full, detailed, and balanced. There's a fairly good amount of dynamic range in the recording, so kudos to mastering engineer Brent Lambert for not following the herd.

Pick up this album and support an artist who is doing some great work.