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Fever Ray - self-titled
Rabid Records
Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Fever Ray, Christoffer Berg, Van Rivers, and The Subliminal Kid
Mastered by Henrik Jonsson

4 out of 5 mics

Fever Ray is Karen Dreijer Andersson, one half of the terrific electronic duo The Knife. This is her first solo album release. And it's absolutely great. Andersson has a kind of dark, somber Bjork meets Cyndi Lauper thing going on here. She has a unique voice and singing style, but is reminiscent of both Bjork and Lauper.

The production style is similar to that of The Knife. The beats and music are dark and sparse. The synths are cold. Yet there's a warmth to the production and a sensuality that Andersson brings with her approach.

The recording is well done. I find myself hoping for a bit more variety dynamically. I'm sure the mastering is not to blame for this, as the album is not slammed into the red via limiting.

Overall, a well crafted album.