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In case you hadn't heard, Faith No More is back together and will be touring Europe this summer.
They'll then be moving on to Australia and New Zealand no doubt, followed by South America I'm sure.
Lastly, if they don't tear each other apart, they may just pay us a visit here in the US of A.
We're last because we cannot get out collective sh*t together.
There's also another "best of" album out. And of course, they've (Rhino) gotten it wrong again. But at least they included a bunch of B-Sides.
Here's the real thing - the list of Faith No More songs you must own. Notice I said own. That means you don't copy them or download them illegally.
Right. Good.
You don't need anything from the Chuck Mosely era, so forget that.

1. From Out Of Nowhere

2. Surprise, You're Dead

3. Zombie Eaters

4. The Real Thing

5. RV

6. Everything's Ruined

7. Malpractice

8. A Small Victory (possibly their greatest song)

9. Jizzlobber (also very possibly their greatest song)

10. Ricochet

11. Evidence

12. Star A.D.

13. Caralho Voador

14. King For A Day

15. The Last To Know

16. Just A Man

17. Stripsearch

18. Naked In Front Of The Computer

19. Helpless

20. Ashes To Ashes

21. Pristina