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Album Review

Dam Funk - Toeachizown
Stones Throw
Executive Producers: Peanut Butter Wolf and Leon Sylvers III
Recorded by Dam Funk
Mastered by Kelly Hibbert

3 out of 5 mics
Let me throw something corny in here real quick: this is some damn funk. Some damn good funk. Dam Funk's "Toeachizown" sounds like it's straight from 1983...and also, in a way, straight from 1993. The sounds and the vibe from this album are 100% authentic - this is electro g-funk at it's best. A stripped down Cameo meets The Chronic.

In the liner notes, Dam Funk lists all of the musical gear that he used to create Toeachizown. He's got an arsenal of synths and drum machines, but a comparitively small collection of recording gear used to capture his vintage sounds. This album shows that you don't need a Neve or SSL board and racks of Fairchild and UA outboard to get a great sound. Great sounds begin at the source with synths like the Roland Juno and Baldwin Discoverer.

This is an excellent party album. It's track after track of funk jams. There are a few slower songs thrown in to break it up, which is definitely necessary. The one gripe I have with the album (did I mention this is a double album?) is that the tracks have an average running time of close to 6 minutes. If each of them were whittled down by two minutes they would be much more effective.

I expect that Dam Funk has only scratched the surface on "Toeachizown". I'm sure he's going to be even more confident and refine his approach on his next release.