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Azymuth: Azimuth ((Re-mastered))
Farout Recordings
Engineered by: Ari Carvalhaes, Luis Claudio, Luigi e Eugenio
Assistants: Jairo Gualberto, Ze Guilherme, Borrachinha
Originally Mastered by: Vison
Re-mastered by: John Dent
Original Release: 1975
Re-mastered Release: 2008

5 out of 5 mics

This is some far out Brazilian psych-funk. i'd never even heard of these guys until some friends of mine gave me this album as a birthday gift. I was digging this from the first note. Completely original sound. Super smooth, jazzy, funky, spaced-out, progressive, futuristic samba. You've probably never heard anything quite like this. If you've got any leanings towards samba or funk you should check out this album.

What really makes this album stand out is the keyboards sounds. Gritty yet smooth, and pushing in direction that was new for samba and for Brazilian funk. Jose Roberto Bertrami made use of the Arp 2600, the Moog Satellite, and a host of other keyboards to give Azymuth a really progressive sound.

Azimuth must have been an incredibly fun album to make. It comes through in listening to it. The band is so loose, yet so amazingly tight. Great stuff.