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Albums That Didn't Make the Top 20

The Top 20 List was extremely difficult for me to compile. I had to leave out a huge number of amazing albums. That's just how it goes. But now I'd like to expand and give many more albums their due.

Curtis Mayfield - Super Fly

Curtom Records
Written and Produced by Curtis Mayfield
Engineered by Roger Anfinsen

Super Fly is dark, mean funk. It's lush, soulful, and powerful. Curtis Mayfield was at his creative peak here, and his singing brings an emotion to these songs - sometimes mournful, sometimes uplifting, always perfect. There are a lot of important albums from the Seventies, but this is one of the most important. Socially conscious and musically brilliant.

DJ Food - Kaleidoscope

Ninja Tune
Produced by PC & Strictly Kev
Mixing assistance by Ali Tod

Kaleidoscope is an absolutely haunting album. It has a dark, almost creepy beauty to it. The album is crafted with painstaking care by a small group of gentlemen who refer to themslves collectively as DJ Food. They're all electronic music producers who record and perform under different monikers, the most well-known being Coldcut. But DJ Food's Kaleidoscope is where everything came together for them. The album takes you on a journey through sound. I mean, it really feels like a journey, as if you're in some sort of vessel and you're being transported from one place to another, each place being a piece of music. This is an intricate album that is more rewarding with each listen.

Soundgarden - Superunknown

A&M Records
Produced by Michael Beinhorn & Soundgarden
Engineered by Jason Corsaro
Assistant Engineering by Adam Kasper
Mixed by Brendan O'Brien
Mastered by David Collins

Superunknown is one of the best rock albums of all time. The songwriting and production is so damn heavy. The sound is thick and sludgey. The vocal production and the singing of Chris Cornell is mind-boggling. The vocals are huge - probably the biggest vocal sound I've heard on record. The guitar riffs of Kim Thayil are monstrously heavy and catchy as hell. Superunkown does not slow down, it just flows like lava, destroying everything in its path.

Bjork - Homogenic

Bjork - Vespertine

DJ Shadow - Endtroducing

Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

The The - Dusk