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AKG Perception 220 Review

AKG Perception 220

4 out of 5 mics

This is a great microphone for the money. Full, rich, round, present sound. This mic beat out my trusty old Oktava MK-219 as my go-to vocal mic. It's more sensitive than the MK-219, so I don't have to turn up the gain as much and therefore get a better signal to noise ratio.

The 220 has a more natural high-end response than the Oktava, and that's the main reason I prefer it. The construction is rugged, and it comes with a decent shockmount.

I use a metal mesh pop filter in front of the 220 and I always get a good sound. Both female and male vocals come across extremely well through this mic. My normal chain is to run the 220 through a Trident S20 preamp, and an FMR compressor. It sounds big and bright, and open. If I don't want the coloration or compression I run directly into the ProjectMix interface. Sounds warm and natural.

Here are the specs:

- 1" large diaphragm condenser
- Fixed pattern cardiod
- Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
- Self-noise: 16dBA
- 20dB pad
- High-pass filter
- 48V phantom power