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Mike Patton: A Perfect Place
Ipecac Recordings
Written, Performed, Produced, and Mixed by Mike Patton
Recorded at Vulcan Lab, SF
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering

5 out of 5 mics

This album continues an amazing run for Mike Patton. His last....oh,....five or six albums in a row have been phenomenal. Patton really shines as a composer here, on A Perfect Place. This album was written and produced as a soundtrack to the short film A Perfect Place by Derrick Scocchera. All of the music was written, performed, produced, and mixed by Patton. Jesus! What can this guy not do!? Yes I know that he did not use or conduct a real orchestra for these pieces, nor did he employ musicians other than Danny Heifetz and William Winant ((misc. additional percussion)). But I defy anyone to tell me that this music is not brilliantly composed, deftly arranged, and passionately performed.

Taking cues from Angelo Badalamenti, Ennio Morricone, Bernard Hermann. 30's crooners, and even Luciano Pavarotti, Patton has created a genre spanning, quite experimental soundtrack that is highly listenable.

Part of the reason it's so enjoyable to listen to is that the songs are just plain good. They have a very approachable human feeling. The other main reason the album draws the listener in is the vintage warmth of the sound. I haven't been able to track down any of the specs on Patton's signal chain, but whatever he's using works. His use of depth and stereo field is fantastic ((and has been for years - check out the Fantomas albums))). Gavin Lurssen's mastering work is to be commended as well. He allows the warmth and dynamics of Patton's mix to come through unimpeded by over-compression and limiting.

A living legend for his work with Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, Mike Patton continues to amaze with the quality of his work, and the fearlessness with which he approaches it. This is a man who knows what he is capable of doing - and does it.